Hosted Desktop Services in Dorset


If you own and operate a small business, computer expenses are likely near the top of your expense sheet. That’s why RentedApps offers hosted desktop services – Dorset-based data centres house all of your information, saving you money and creating an eco-friendly business operation.

Why Hosted Desktop Services?

A RentedApps hosted desktop allows you to operate your business without an IT staff because we house and take care of the necessary technical aspects of your business operations.

Mobile workers can also benefit from utilizing a hosted desktop. Dorset-based servers and our services allow your employees to work from anywhere without needing to access an onsite data centre.

Our services work on any internet-enabled device, which gives you the flexibility that your small business needs to get off the ground. When you work with us, you save money and get added flexibility.

Why Us?

RentedApps began in Dorset over 40 years ago, and our employees work within a tried and tested framework that builds stability. Our stability allows you to be flexible and make adjustments.

We offer extended 24/7 support alongside our firewall, antivirus, anti-spam and backup services. All of our services are included in our packages so that you have the flexibility and security that you deserve.

Whatever your hosted desktop needs are, RentedApps is here to meet them. Call 0844 811 1105 or complete our online form to request a free trial.