An Inexpensive Solution for Your IT Requirements

The biggest expense for most Professional organisations is payroll, but is surely worthwhile as it helps to build a good team that benefits the business.  Effective IT infrastructure is also needed to ensure efficient and effective performance, so that the team members can all achieve their potential.  The cost-effectiveness of IT and payroll are closely linked, so it is crucial to provide your team with good reliable technology that allows them to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

The Way Forward

Traditionally, organisations have invested in their own IT infrastructure to run their business.  This entailed capital expenditure on the Hardware and Software, followed by ongoing running costs for support and maintenance, using internal and/or external resources.  Further capital expenditure was then required whenever upgrades had to be implemented.  Without upgrades, IT equipment is much more vulnerable to hacking.  This approach used to be the only option for small to medium sized businesses, until Hosted Desktop technology became available.

Hosted Desktops in a Private Cloud

Moving your business to a Cloud based solution, such as that provided by RentedApps, can significantly reduce the high costs of purchasing, upgrading, and supporting in-house IT infrastructure.  Hosted Desktops from RentedApps, a division of SES Computing, allows you to have a secure, fully-supported IT solution, employing the latest hardware and software at our own private UK Data Centre.  A cashflow friendly solution that allows you to pay a fixed monthly sum for each desktop, with maximum flexibility to suit changing circumstances.


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Solicitors must do everything to protect Client interests, and this includes ensuring maximum data integrity and security.

For all involved in Legal Practice, information security is paramount, as reputation depends on it.  In the past, this has led to some practioners not always having sufficient confidence to employ IT solutions involving Hosted Desktops.

However, we are going to explain how Hosted Desktops can be beneficial for Legal Practices, particularly with the additional security options currently available to maximise information protection.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

A Hosted Desktop solution from RentedApps provides an operator interface in just the same way as a standard desktop computer.  Staff can switch on their device, access their data files and use their applications software just as they would normally.  However, the data is stored, and the applications run, very proficiently, at the RentedApps Data Centre, within our Private Cloud.  No more worries about in-house Servers, Backups and Security, as this is all taken care of at the Data Centre.  And, because the data, settings and software functionality are all accessed over the Internet, any compatible device, including Desktop Computer, Tablet, iPad or Smartphone, will provide a suitable interface for all users, whenever required.

How Will a Hosted Desktop from RentedApps Benefit Your Legal Practice?

Our Hosted Desktop solutions deliver high levels of flexibility, along with easily scalable IT options that will provide resilience and efficiency for your firm.  Other benefits with using RentedApps include:

  • Significantly reduced capital investment and maintenance costs
  • Pay as you go, without long-term commitment or contract
  • Access your information almost anywhere, anytime
  • High degree of flexibility, with maximum efficiency and good data security
  • Minimal downtime

RentedApps will provide your legal firm with Hosted Desktops that you can rely on.  Our secure Data Centre is situated in the UK, and supported by an in-house team of technical experts.  Knowing how important security is to those involved in Legal Practice, we make every effort to enhance data security, and prevent cyber attack, including the use of two factor authentications.

Why Hosted Desktop is the Right Solution!

Hosted Desktop solutions involve using PCs, Laptops and Tablets purely as interface devices for inputting commands and data, and displaying the results.  Data processing and storage are done independently, using either on-site equipment or remotely through a Cloud.   Hosted Desktops make IT available and workable for you anytime anywhere, using a variety of devices, including smartphones.  It also comes with other benefits and perks.

The centralised processing and storage network allows Hosted Desktops to overcome many PC related issues such as portable working device, processing power, backup and recovery, cost management and prompt levelling up or down.

Why is it the better choice?                                                  

Hosted Desktop solutions are simpler to manage in comparison to personal desktops, and offer better data processing, security protection and standards that keep all the information safe and secure.

Hosted Desktop migrates the functions and features of authentication, printing services, data storage and availability along with applications processing to centralised servers and data storage, using an in-house Network or a Cloud.  Using a Cloud, such as that provided by RentedApps, increases accessibility using secure connections from any device or system having an internet connection.  Here is a list of few of the other things you would love.

  • Groups of people in an organisation can work in parallel on Hosted Desktops, with each group linked to the Cloud through a single broadband connection, because of the relatively small bandwidth requirement. A 3G based cellular data connection allows a single user to work effectively almost anywhere there is coverage.
  • Because the work of the Hosted Desktops is based on common data and processed by linked servers, minimal direct data management is required. Also, patching is more robust and data integrity enhanced.
  • In a private Cloud, such as that provided by RentedApps, personalisation of the system to suit your needs is made easy, and your data is properly safeguarded.

How Can You Start?

Looking to go the virtualization way for your business?

You need licenses, and centralized network infrastructure systems for your Hosted Desktops to be able to access and use any hosted desktop solutions.  RentedApps can help you here.

You can lease the most suitable licenses from many offered by paying a monthly or yearly fee to the service provider.  We take care of any backup or recovery issues for you.

It’s one of the best options for a mobile workforce today – are you ready to try it out, yet?

Why Should You Go the Hosted Desktop Way?

If you are looking to improve productivity and get more work done, investment in Hosted Desktops will provide a good solution.  It’s the best way to work efficiently and effectively, especially with a mobile workforce, and is safe and secure too.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

Hosted Desktops refers to the provision of computing services whereby the user workstations are simply a means of inputting data and displaying the results.  All applications processing and data storage/backup is provided by central Servers, which may be located either on-site or remotely in the Cloud.  Within the Cloud, some service providers such as RentedApps take care of all your processing and storage needs using their own Data Centre; but other providers use third-party facilities, with an inherently greater potential for data compromise.

In conjunction with a decent broadband connection, any suitable devices such as PCs, Laptops, and Tablets can be used within the Cloud to input the data and display the results.  Using these devices, and Smartphones, users can access their data and applications anytime anywhere.  It is like keeping your PC in your pocket.

All your files, user profiles and data is stored at one location regardless of where you choose to work from. Hosted Desktops are beneficial in helping to suppress many kinds of IT related troubles.  For example, guaranteed high protection from virus and malware, automatic data backup/recovery, with software upgrades and patching included.

How Difficult Is It to Manage?

Most commercial applications along with other databases and accounting packages can be integrated onto Hosted Desktops and thus provide you with fully functional and efficient interfaces.  Clients will be able to access their applications easily and work on them almost anywhere without having to worry about the hardware restrictions of their system or devices.

How Popular Is It?

It is estimated that by 2020, around 60 million business PCs will be replaced by Hosted Desktops. Many IT giants are investing more and more in this advancing field of computing platforms within the Cloud.  Their involvement has accelerated developments.  Also, the evolution of new licensing schemes, allowing subscription to the service, instead of having to make an outright purchase, has increased its popularity.

So, if you are planning to start your own new business, or are not fully satisfied with your current IT provision, opting for Hosted Desktops is an ideal choice.  Service providers like RentedApps will enable you and your staff to work efficiently and effectively on all your data and applications from almost anywhere, whenever you want.

Why should you choose Cloud over an Office Server?

Technology has found its way into almost every business, with a growing number of SMEs relying on networked computer services.  As fascinating as it seems, an equally surprising aspect of this is that some SMEs are relying on unreliable and outdated computer systems.

In-house Office Servers – The Great Fall

When it comes to resolving this issue, a major concern is the high costs of buying technical support and replacing out of date systems.  This means that companies often choose to patch up outdated and slow in-house Office Servers, rather than making huge investments.

As a direct impact of such choices, system downtime may well be sky-high, knocking down efficiency and decreasing productivity.

Moving to the Cloud

As technology evolves over time, so do the businesses using it.  Many businesses are now looking at the bigger and better picture of managed IT services in the Cloud.  A Cloud hosting solution, such as that provided by RentedApps, will remove the need of buying expensive in-house servers and desktop PCs, allowing your staff to at access your business application packages hosted in the Cloud.  Access can be gained to the your applications and data via desktop PCs, and also using devices that link to the Internet.

The ‘Virtual Server’

Using a provider such as RentedApps, your business applications will be hosted on a powerful Virtual Server situated in a secure Data Centre, owned and operated by the provider.  Your data will also be stored securely at the Data Centre, with full data back-up.

In addition to fast and efficient applications processing, and data access, the Cloud requires only low-level devices to provide the operator interface.  Simple PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets will enable your staff to access data and use applications, both in the office and anywhere else in the world where Internet access is available.

5 Reasons why your New Business Needs Hosted Desktop

The necessity for a significant investment in IT hardware and software is a major concern when starting a new business.  However, a Hosted Desktop solution can reduce your start-up costs by providing an inexpensive way to run your business application software on high-performance systems.  Here are 5 reasons to help you understand how and why Hosted Desktop is beneficial for your start-up or growing business:

Hosted Desktop eliminates the need for large investments in IT

Using hosted desktop, all you need to do is connect your local device to a specialist provider, such as RentedApps, via the Internet.  A virtual server handles all the data processing and data storage, without any high-end requirements for your local device.  All your business application software, including MS Office, will be taken care of by a fully hosted desktop.

1    Low Cost

Using Hosted Desktops means minimal capital expenditure on hardware and software.  This type of solution also ensures your peace of mind as it includes data storage and back-up, plus maintenance and support.  You can focus on your business without having to worry about any IT issues as they will easily be resolved by a hosted desktop solution.

2    Remote Access

Since your data is hosted on a virtual server, you can access it from anywhere, provided you have a suitable device connected to the internet.  So, shifting your workplace from one office to another will not be a problem as you can continue to work wherever you are, if your interface device has internet access.

3    Backup

Secure and consistent backup of your business data is important for your business security, growth and peace of mind.  This is well complimented by a hosted desktop with its ability to back up your data regularly.  Data storage and backup in a secured manner allows smooth and hassle free business data analytics at your end.

4    Scalability

The number of users can easily be increased or decreased as your business needs change, with your costs adjusted proportionately.

5    Innovation

A hosted desktop solution is priced quite low as compared to other IT hardware alternatives.  Using RentedApps, a monthly rental charge applies, proportionate to your requirements, giving you the freedom to decide how you want to use the system.

A hosted desktop solution is innovative in its own way as it encourages new and unique ways to run your business.  It transcends the traditional way of growing your business by providing you with ease of work and efficient management of resources.