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At Rented Apps we have clients from a varied array of business sectors, and well understand the complexities of choosing a virtual desktop for their particular requirements.  Through discussions with customers, and gaining a full understanding their working practices, we get to know the features that are of prime importance for each one.

Consider the implementation of virtual desktop systems for Accountancy practices:  The amount of privileged data you have, and the importance of its security, is fundamental to your firm’s reputation. Choosing your virtual desktop is not a task that should be taken lightly, when your reputation is paramount to your success.

We offer a range of applications and services to help deliver a modern approach to Accountancy practices of all sizes.  At, we aim to save professional firms time and money by delivering your practice a fully managed virtual desktop solution that gives you the flexibility to maximize your business.  Every Accountancy firm we deal with is slightly different, and our UK based team can help tailor a package that fits your needs.

Hosting your own VDI can be an expensive process, involving the purchase of hardware and software, and the provision of dedicated IT staff.  But the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution from will satisfy your requirements on a modest monthly rental basis.  DaaS hosted desktops give you access to a high level of infrastructure, including good data security, and full support, but without the need for large capital costs and in-house support staff.

Small and medium Accountancy firms have told us that they need a solution which is flexible, and provides a strong and robust IT solution that is scalable so it can grow with the firm.  Some practices can be nervous about moving over to a cloud based service, with so many elements to consider.  Possible disruption of a large client’s account can be a major influence on a decision whether to use a DaaS service.  However, the South coast based support team at Rented Apps are well aware of such problems, and have successfully helped organisations of all sizes move over to a virtual desktop solution, without a hitch, and minimal downtime.

Security is of upmost importance, as Accountants are dealing with confidential documents belonging to companies and individuals, on a daily basis.  Having your desktops managed by Rented Apps means you can rest assured that we are constantly working on improving your service and efficiency, and ensuring continued security, particularly with regard to data access, backup, anti-spam and anti-virus.

Contact us today and see how can give you peace of mind and enhance your workforce efficiency, security and functionality, particularly through a DaaS virtual desktop solution.





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